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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


Reflectigng fabric

Aluminum Coated E-grade fiberglass Fabric reflects radiant heat and is the perfect protection for covering equipment that is in close proximity to intense radiant sources such as super-hot metal slabs, liquid and molten metals or glass, open flame/plasma or engine exhaust manifolds. Products industrial wire, cable, hose, hydraulics and equipment cabinets and enclosures.

This Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Fabric reflects 90% or more of the radiant heat that contacts its surface. Constructed from a high-temperature base fiberglass which is then coated with aluminum foil or aluminum film.

Aluminum foil coating is for static applications and temperatures up to 650°F / 343℃, this fabric will withstand short duration exposure up to 1115°F / 600℃ and up to 3000°F / 1650℃ for very short durations. The aluminum coating melts at 1220°F / 660℃.

Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Fabric has different thickness, with and without adhesive (PSA).

Reflecting fabric is sold in rolls 40” (1016mm) wide. It can also be custom fabricated into, almost any shape, complete with closures or factory installed grommets to meet your specifications.


Size: 1m×30m (50m)

Width: 1000-1500mm

Thickness: 0.4mm-3mm

Refractoriness: 450~550℃

Packing: In carton of 1 roll net each