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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


Compound fire sleeve VCO

Compound fire sleeve VCO can installed at current workplace, to make sure the correct closed and the integrity of the instruction. It has been treated or impregnated with our specially formulated silicone rubber compound inside. It provides greater abrasion puncture and tear resistance to our base fibreglass cloth. It provides great life, water and oil resistance.

Mainly usage:

Mainly usde to protect the industrial ultra high temperature area line, such as: the cable, hose, oil pipes etc.

Design Principle:

Multilayer composite, the layers of flame retardant insulation.

Working Temperature:

Continuous working temperature 700℃, instant heat resistant 1350℃

Advantage feature:

1) Heat Resistant: block out 98% of heat invasion, maintain internal good working condition.

2) Water Proof: can stop water flushing, the vapor intrusion.

3) Energy Saving: after use, the protective effect to improve 5-6 times.

reducing maintenance, reducing medium evaporation and reduce the cost.

Product specification:

Size: diameter Φ10-Φ120 mm