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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


What is Fiberglass tape?

Product  Feature:

Woven with the fiberglass, had good insulation and heat resistance, extensively apply to building, waterproof, antiseptic and wrapping up the coil of electrical machinery apparatus. It is an excellent substitute for asbestos tape. Texturized glass fiber tape with metallic ( copper wire, inconel wire or stainless wire) are also available.



Thickness: 0.2mm—6.0mm

Width: 19mm—600mm

Refractoriness: 450℃-- 500℃

Packing: In carton of 20kgs net each.

GWH106AL  coated with aluminum foil on single side

GWH106L  coated with graphite ( black )

GWH106V  coated with vermiculite for high temperature 700℃

GWH106Si  coated with silicone rubber single side or both sides



The product offers high temperature resistance, insulation, erosion resistance, heat preservation, environmentally friendly, sound insulation, good filtration performance and so on.



It is recommended for wrapping steam tracer lines, hose, piping, exhaust manifold insulation, tadpole tapes, gasket, and strip curtains for high temperature ovens.