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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


Features of basalt fiber sleeve

Product Feature:

This Texturized basalt fiber braided sleeve is made by texturized basalt yarns trap greater amounts of air and demonstrates better insulation properties and great fullness. It is engineered for protection from temperatures up to 1200°F。Made of a tubular braiding to obtain a extremely elastic and flexible sleeve.


This sleeve resistant most acids, alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches, solvents. It is highly flexible and conformable.

Basalt fiber sleeve is a 100% inorganic, mineral, continuous filament with an excellent high temperature and shock resistance. Basalt fiber is similar to carbon fiber and fiberglass, but basalt has better mechanical properties than fiberglass and is lower in cost than carbon fiber. The Texturized basalt braided sleeve is easy to install and will provide years of protection and good looks.

Basalt fiber sleeve is a highly conformable sleeve which provides excellent thermal protection for engine and generator exhaust piping for automobiles, marine engines and generators, bus, construction and mining equipment.


Cuts Easily With Scissor

Exceptional Thermal Insulation

Great Appearance

Maximum Continuous Temp: 1200°F/649℃

Melt Temp: 2400°F/1316℃

Excellent Chemical Resistance


100% Inorganic