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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


The advantage of high temperature sleeving

In the high temperature situations, isolation and reduce the spread of the temperature is a problem that every manager should consider. The high temperature sleeving is made from woven insulated glass fiber braided sleeve that is coated with silicone rubber. The silicone rubber is waterproof and dustproof. The sleeve can withstand 560℃ of direct continuous heat and can withstand up to 1650℃ ambient heat. This performance can be applied to metallurgical pipes. The use of high temperature casing has the following advantages:
1) Resist high temperature melt splashing and flame thermal radiation
2) Avoid high temperature pipe burn
3) Stop the loss of heat, save energy and reduce consumption
4) Don't need to remove the hose and cable
5) Save massively installed cost

As so many advantages, high temperature fire sleeving must have good market.