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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


Performance of Fire Sleeve

The silicone structure of fire sleeve contains "organic group" and "inorganic structure", which is a kind of special composition and molecular structure. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent performance is the high temperature resistance. Si-O key as the chain structure and C-C bond energy to 82.6 kCal/ gram molecule, Si-O bond energy to 121 t82.6 kCal/ gram molecule in organic silicon, so its high thermal stability, molecular chemical bond won;t broken and break down in high temperature (or radiation) condition,. Silicone is not only resistant to high temperature but also low temperature resistance, it can be used in a wide temperature range. No matter the chemical properties or physical mechanical properties, it won;t affect too much with the change of temperature . The main performance of fire sleeve, mainly as following three points:

In the smelting industry, The temperature of the medium in electric heating furnace is extremely high, It easy to cause high temperature spray (welding industry), cooling and solidifying in the pipeline, or cable slag,and formed matter will make the pipe or cable outer hardening of the rubber, and ultimately to brittle fracture. Further damage equipment and cable which unprotected, through mufti-layer silicone coated fire sleeve, can realize multiple safety protection, The highest temperature resistance can be up to 1300 ℃, can effectively prevent the splash of molten iron, molten copper, aluminum melting and high temperature melt, prevent around cables and equipment to be damaged.

  • Fire sleeve - thermal insulation, energy saving, radiation resistance

In the high temperature workshop, a lot of pipes, valves or equipment, its internal temperature is very high, if not coated with protective material, easy to cause personnel burns or heat loss, etc.. Fire sleeve compare with other polymer materials, better thermal stability and resistance to irradiation and thermal insulation effect, prevent accidents, reduce the energy consumption, also can prevent the heat of the medium in the pipeline is passed directly to the surrounding environment and lead to workshop of temperature is too high, save cost down temperature.

  • Fire sleeve- proof, anti - oil, weather aging, anti - pollution, to extend the service life of equipment

Fire sleeve has a strong chemical stability, silicone to oil and water, acid and alkali substances did not react, can use for a long time and aging, natural environment, service life of up to several decades in 260 ℃, to maximize the protection of these occasions in the pipeline, cable and equipment, greatly prolongs the service life.