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Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd

Beijing Great Pack materials Co., Ltd


The description and application of braided fiberglass sleeve

Braided fiberglass sleeve made of high quality E-glass fiber , the high temperature resistant silicon coated with an organic resin by high temperature. High temperature sleeve has a fire-retardant insulation, thermal insulation, anti-power, flexibility and other properties. Fire sleeve is mainly used in high temperature steel mills, smelters, glass, fire-fighting equipment, large venues and other places of high temperature transformer cable insulation protection.

Widely used in high-temperature region in electric power, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries; the metallurgical enterprise zone heating cables, fluid lines, feed quick couple-rs, rolling area roller mill cable sleeve . Sawing periphery cable, tubing and fittings; steel coated cable car so the field.